Citi Bike is back on cycle track

In a few days time, the number of inoperable Citi Bike stations has gone from over 10% to about 2.5%, according to Andrea Bernstein at Transportation Nation. This new data suggests that software and equipment issues, which have been reported as being connected with the inability of the solar panel to fully charge batteries, have been mended–however, no official statement has been released.

With the bike share system’s glitches being cleaned up, so too have the acrimonious remarks posted to Citi Bike’s Facebook page; a cursory scanning of the page yesterday showed substantially fewer negative comments about the program’s performance than the week prior. That is not to say the program is issue free however. Rebalancing remains a problem at many stations that either have too few or too many bikes, and certain stations have bikes that no one is able to unlock. Still, though, the program has taken significant strides in the right direction and rebalancing issues are relatively easy to fix whereas faulty software and equipment can pose a much more significant issue.

The graph below, created by Transportation Nation, depicts the gradual decrease in the number of inoperable bike share stations over the last few weeks.

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