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Bike share programs are an amazing opportunity to reach active urban populations in a unique and compelling manner. This healthy and environmentally friendly form of active sponsorship and advertising offers high visibility plus the correlative benefits of supporting a progressive transit system.

Here are a few brands that are currently sponsoring bike share:

Bike Share Sponsorship Sponsors How to


If you are representing a brand and are interested in sponsoring bike share please complete this form. We’ll be in touch to let you know of the opportunities available that will help you meet your marketing goals.

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Sell Sponsorship (For System Owners)

Before you approach a potential sponsor, there are a few recommended steps:

  1. Review a sample bike share media kit.
  2. Create a google map showing all the bike share locations. Traffic counts at each location also helpful.
  3. Identify your top destination locations
  4. Gather comparable pricing from other sponsorship deals in your city as well as bus shelters and transit ads.
  5. Collect pictures and graphics of your bike and stations and identify media assets available for use
  6. Create a budget and target sponsorship raise
  7. Create a media kit
  8. Identify a list of top 10 companies to consider for title or co-title sponsor and a larger list for station sponsorships
  9. Promote the opportunity via PR release
  10. Work with other stockholders to connect with potential sponsors

Listing your sponsorship opportunity on bikeshare.com will help you attract the attention from national media buyers. Complete the form to get going.

Looking for a sales agent to assist you? Please contact us.

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