Spotlight: Q&A With Louisville’s LouVelo Bike Share

LouVelo is Louisville’s official bike share program, with 305 shareable bikes at 28 stations across the city. Designed for quick trips, it’s a fun, healthy and convenient way to get around. The system acts as an extension of Louisville’s public transportation network which previously included buses and chartered vans. LouVelo is closing in on their first birthday so we caught up with them to see how things are going so far. Thanks LouVelo!

BS: How has the program been adopted by the residents of Louisville so far?

LV: Very well for the most part.  I believe 2018 will be a big year for us. People seem to understand the system more and how it can fit into their everyday lives.

BS: What is the most important lesson you have learned since launch?

LV: The importance of forming relationships with the community. LouVelo is for people to have more transportation options and help benefit the people thus reaching out to community groups is essential.

BS: What has been your biggest challenge to date?

LV: Biggest challenge currently is 2 fold:  1) We want more stations. Louisville can benefit from 20 to 30 more stations. 2) Educating the public about how to use bike share in your life.

Louisville Public Transportation Bus Bike ShareBS: If you could tell the city of Louisville or your members one thing what would it be?

LV: I would like to tell Louisville how much we appreciate having our bike share in this city.  I am born and raised in Louisville and so happy that a bike share is here now.

BS: What have you done to help convince the people of Louisville that bike share is an important part of city’s overall public transportation network.

LV: We formed an educational marketing campaign around the benefits of bike share.  Both for the rider and to the environment, highlighting health benefits and how bike share is so sustainable.

BS: Is educating people on the how the system works still important or do most people understand what they need to do?

LV: I believe the education part of this business will never and can never stop.  We have only been in service for 7 months so we still have a bit of general education still to go.  But even after that we still need to constantly education on updates and on going improvements to the system.

Louisville Public Transportation Bus Bike Share

BS: Anything exciting happening in 2018 that you would like to share?

LV: We will launch a Bike Share Equity Plan which will allow approved applicants the ability to buy a very reduced yearly bike share membership.   This is part of the effort with Lou Metro to better provide low income residents more low cost, options for transportation.

BS: What’s your favourite area of Louisville to explore by bike?

LV: The Waterfront park area by the Ohio River is the best riding for casual sightseeing.  I also like the downtown area as well for the convenience of not having to park a car when using LouVelo.

BS: If LouVelo was a food what would it be? Why?  

LV: The rest of America may not consider Bourbon as a food but we do in Kentucky.  Good bourbon really depends on traditional techniques yet has embraced many new modern spins and twists.  LouVelo is doing the same thing by offering Louisvillians traditional quality transportation options but in a new modern way; bike share.

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