Welcome to The Re-Dock — a weekly compendium of bike sharing news happening in places throughout the world. The Re-Dock stations you squarely at the center of the industry news that you want to know. This issue of the Re-Dock covers bike sharing news from April 1 through April 6.

Ann Arbor, MI

Spring is here, but it’s more than just the flowers that are blooming. The Clean Energy Coalition, the non-profit working to launch ArborBike, has announced 14 tentative station locations for the bike share program. The program is expected to begin rolling this June.

Cincinnati, OH

Love Cincinnati? CoGo is looking for a design that celebrates the city to deploy on one of its bikes this year. The contest runs from March 31 through April 30. The bike-share-wrapping experts at Spoke’n Art will bring the design to life. The winner and bike will be revealed at CoGo’s First Birthday Celebration on July 11.

Indianapolis, IN

Bike share has found a new partner in the NBA. Indianapolis will have Pacers bikes rolling by the end of the month. The 25 station, 250 bike system, which features equipment from B-cycle, adopted the Pacers’ brand after the Herbert Simon Family Foundation “made a significant philanthropic contribution” to the bike share program (Herbert Simon is owner of Pacers Sports and Entertainment).

Oklahoma City, OK

In what is becoming an annual event, Oklahoma City’s bike share program, Spokies, is offering free bike share memberships through the month of April. This special, in honor of Earth Day, is available using “ EARTH2014” on the Spokies website.

New York City, NY

With quick whirlwind of activity last week, US Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced Tuesday an amendment to the Senate tax bill that would make bike share eligible for commuter tax benefits. The amendment, which passed the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday, would allow commuters to deduct up to $20/month of bike share expenses from their taxable income, and also allow employers to write-off bike share memberships bought for their employees’ commutes. While the bill passed the Finance Committee with no opposition, it still needs to survive negotiations between the House and Senate.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s bike share program has a new name and a new operator beginning this month. The newly christened Bike Share Toronto is now managed by Alta Bicycle Share. The 80 station, 1,000 bike program will also see a pricing change to encourage a more profitable season.

Long-Term Memberships will be reduced from $97 to $90 per year for Annual Membership and $41 to $18 per month for Monthly Membership. Short-Term Membership will increase slightly from $12 to $15 for 72-Hour Passes and $5 to $7 for 24-Hour Passes. They will also begin offering Corporate Memberships, which allow local businesses and organizations to offer reduced or subsidized Memberships to their employees.

More information on Bike Share Toronto can be found on its new website,


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