The Re-Dock: February 11 to February 17

Welcome to The Re-Dock — a weekly compendium of bike sharing news happening in places throughout the world. The Re-Dock stations you squarely at the center of the industry news that you want to know. This issue of the Re-Dock covers bike sharing news from February 11 through February 17.

Arlington, VA

Following a 2013 bike share roundtable convened by the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), bike share vendors and city officials plan to meet for an industry forum on March 2-3. Financial sustainability, new partnerships, and emerging markets will likely be major topics of discussion.

Baltimore, MD

PBSC’s recent bankruptcy certainly had many unsure of the equipment cities with 2014 launches would implement. In Baltimore that question was answered last week when the head of the city’s Transit and Marine Services Division announced Social Bicycles would replace PBSC to supply 250 bikes at 25 stations. The system is expected to begin operations on July 1, 2014.

Berkeley, CA

In understanding the financial sustainability of bike share programs, researchers from the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley say that the “economic viability of bikesharing programs is a question of circumstance and intent.” For example, business models that work for privately-funded systems may not be successful in achieving program goals for systems that use grant or government funding sources.

Chicago, IL

In a city known for its open data and civic hacking, the Divvy bike share system is making its 2013 trip information publicly available for a data visualization challenge. Last year’s Hubway challenge resulted in 67 visualizations.

Hamilton, CA

For the love of bike share, The City of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada began Valentine’s Day with an announcement that a 750-bicycle and 80-station bike sharing system will be in operation early this summer. Social Bicycles will supply the system’s equipment and provide support in establishing a non-profit to operate the system.

London, UK

According to a study from researchers at University of Cambridge, University College London, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London’s bike share program has had a positive effect on all users’ overall health, but particularly in men and older riders. The study also suggests that cycling using bike share “may be safer than cycling in general in central London.” Researchers say this is likely due the bicycles’ safety features and riders’ slower average speeds.

Montgomery County, MD

Last September, Capital Bikeshare expanded into Montgomery County, Maryland. In an analysis done by Zach Rausnitz using data from September 27 through December 31, some of these new stations are seeing less than one trip per day on average.

Sacramento, CA

Zagster and Hyatt Regency Sacramento have announced plans to make bike share available for hotel guests. The service will begin with 4 bicycles available for full-day of use. Zagster also recently wrote a great piece on “How To Make The Case For Bike Sharing,” including strategies for hotels, college and corporate campuses, and multifamily developments.


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