What’s next for Seattle’s bike share pilot?

The pilot phase is officially over—and the city is evaluating how it went. In late June, the City of Seattle announced

Five bike share trends enhancing interaction and solving challenges

Here are 5 trends that seem to be “all the buzz” in bike share this year.

LimeBike riders traveled 53,300 miles in NC this year

And the dockless bike share program only launched here in May. When I wrote that my city was getting several "dockless"

Dockless bike share to be given parking spaces by cities?

Cities may now be looking at introducing dedicated parking spaces for app-hired bicycles.

Now We Have Scientific Proof that Bike share Makes Your City Cleaner

Dutch and Australian researchers conclude that bikeshare systems reduce urban pollution.

Washington D.C. Offers a $5 Annual Bike Share Membership for Low-Income Residents

The Community Partners program seeks to remove barriers for many people to access healthy, affordable transportation.

Bike Business – The Case for Public Bike Share

Just a decade ago, public bike share wouldn’t have caught even the half-hearted attention of most city planners.

ITDP’s Bike Share Guide Most Comprehensive to date

Yesterday, the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) released its much-anticipated Bike-Share Planning Guide, a comprehensive report on bike