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EasyBike allows access to bicycles in an automated manner and calculates the actual time of use of the bicycles and the corresponding charge.


HOMEPORT provides a locking system and management system for bike share operators which is flexible, intelligent, robust and keenly priced.

Clear Channel

Our SmartBike systems offer cities a new, sustainable, healthy form of public transport that fills the gaps that buses and trams can’t reach, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Cyclocity is a system of self-service bicycles developed and marketed by JCDecaux. Cyclocity is also the name of the JCDecaux subsidiary responsible for the development and operation of this system.


Bewegen offers expertise in shared-vehicle systems, cutting-edge PEDELEC bikes, scalable docking stations, IT solution and mobile app combination.


BCycle is a bike share system that partner with campuses, corporations, and municipalities of all sizes to implement and maintain bike share systems that complement and improve existing transportation ...

8D Technologies

8D Technologies is a world leader in the development of the most innovative, intelligent wireless, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), multi-function point of sale (POS) solutions.


Smoove designs, manufactures, installs and provides the after sales follow up and maintenance of bike-share systems and additional bike services.


Smart bikes equipped with an on-board computer which controls an electronic locking mechanism in the front fork. GPS allows the bike to be located precisely.

PBSC Urban Solutions

PBSC Urban Solutions is a world leader in bike-sharing solutions. Bikes, portable stations, mobile app, and management tool, all personalized for your city.